About us

We are are a team of Psychologists dedicated to providing the highest quality care to foster meaningful and lasting change in our client’s lives.

Our mission is to enable and support our clients to improve overall satisfaction in all areas of their lives. Our team offer assessment and counselling for a range of clinical conditions including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, addiction, eating disorders, PTSD and trauma, stress management, anger problems and low self-esteem. We also have highly trained and passionate psychologists who possess a complex understanding of relationships and are able to assist couples to improve their sense of connection and intimacy.

At Mindview Psychology, we strive to be a client centred practice that both facilitates and honours the important relationship between client and therapist. With this in mind, we seek to not only to provide the best possible outcomes and experience for our clients, but also provide the best possible working conditions for our psychologists.  At Mindview Psychology, we realise that to provide our clients with the best possible treatment, we need to not only attract the best Psychologists, but also make sure they have the right working environment and that their needs are respected and met.

Ready to Make a Change?

It can take courage to seek support when you are in need. Our experienced team of psychologists in Melbourne and Geelong are ready to provide the safe space that clients need to explore their challenges and work towards lasting and meaningful change in their lives.

If you have any questions or queries about our practice and psychologists we encourage you to call (03) 9052 4365 or send us an email. If you are ready to get started, you can head to our online booking page, we look forward to working with you. 

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