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What does a Psychologist do?

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists have the training and skills to help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health problems. After a minimum of 6 years of university study and 2 years supervised training, they become registered and can practice under the title of Clinical Psychologist.

Psychologists help by using a variety of evidence-based treatment models and have the knowledge and experience to use these treatments to tailor a course of therapy to suit each client’s individual goals and situation.

What we do

Clinical psychologists can treat many kinds of problems and disorders. Some clients come to see us because they are struggling with depression or anxiety. They may want help treating and diagnosing for a chronic disorder such as Bipolar. Others may may come to us because they are in troubling situations that they want help navigating, such as a relationship break-up or or a stressful situation at work.

Our Psychologists help people learn to cope with and overcome these issues. By using scientifically backed tests and assessments, and fostering a trusting and caring relationship with our clients, we are able to guide people through their life issues and deliver positive and lasting change.

How we help

Our Clinical Psychologists can help with a range of mental health problems and use an range of evidence-based treatments to help people improve their lives. There are many different styles of therapy, but a Mindview Psychologist is able to choose the type that best addresses the client’s problem and best fits their goals and personality.

For some conditions, therapy and medication are a treatment combination that works best. For people who benefit from medication, we work with together with GP’s and psychiatrists on their overall treatment plan.

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