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Luke’s Style

The first session(s) is about getting to know you as a person and about your issue, including your unique talents, and personal strengths. As long as it’s based on reality, I enjoy giving you encouragement, and making you feel good about yourself.

Before we begin therapy proper, I will always explain what therapy will entail, how long it will take, and what the likely outcome will be.

Of course trust is essential. I will never make you feel judged, I will always give you my full attention, and whatever is discussed in the room never leaves the room (unless under special circumstances, see FAQs).

I don’t presume to be the expert on your life, nor do I presume to be “self-actualised” myself. Therefore I want us to relate to each other on a level playing field as much as possible during therapy. Where appropriate, I like to share my own life struggles as a way of validating your emotions and saying “I’m a normal human too”.

I believe there are many different ways to do therapy, depending on your unique needs. Sometimes, CBT can be great for treating symptoms quickly. At other times, getting to the core of the issues is what is needed. Whatever the kind of journey you choose, I’m more than comfortable with being flexible, and will always try to listen to your needs.

So many different kinds of people can get benefits from therapy: from life’s frustrations and relationship hassles, to more serious problems such as major depression. No matter what your struggle is, I’ll love working with you and sharing the process/experience together.